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Here are 3 Tips for beginner hula hoopers!

3 tips to start Hula Hooping

Zbu is recognized in the global hoop community for her ability to embody flow while redefining hula hooping as more than play & fitness.


Hooping is a form of artistic expression and a ritual that can be blended with any dance form and for all bodies.

Zbu hoop dance classes are beginner friendly that begin with warming up the muscles needed for on-body and off-body hoop tricks. By the end of class participants learn how to count, step, turn, and flow with hoops.

Private Lessons

Accra, Ghana

2 hours of personalized instruction

hoops provided

any level

Beginners package:

Zero to very little experience hula hooping

3 private lessons

waist hooping

shoulder hooping

3 hoop trick dance combinations

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